S.T. Holmes was born in New Orleans, LA and was educated in the Catholic school system there.  Thus, the strictness and teachings of the nuns played a major role in her perceptions of what is a normal life.
She is a twin and has one younger sister.  As the middle child, she always felt like the odd ball never really fitting in.  Her love of Shakespeare encouraged her to begin creative writing in high school, but she took some time off from writing to complete her education.  She has a master’s in Business Management from St. Edward’s University of Austin, Texas, a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from NC A&T State University and a bachelors in Biology from university of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Holmes continues to work as an accountant in Texas but always finds time to connect to her creative side.   She loves reading and has almost every book written by one of her favorite authors. The idea for this book Creole Moon: The Betrayal, was sparked by some life changing events that made her realize how little control we really have over our life.
Merging that highly imaginative side with the tall tales from the bayous of Louisiana, Holmes came up with this paranormal story line for her novel.  For this story, she believes that humans' fate or destiny is governed by some higher power and that sometimes those powers work in concert with the gods and goddesses of long ago to use humans for their godly amusement.